infographic for cold weather dressing

Winter Season

With the winter season upon us, it is important that staff, faculty, and students are aware of how UMD communicates » » more

infographic how to walk on ice safely

Walk Like a Penguin

Jacinta Felice, Associate Director in Residential Facilities, suggested these tips for navigating icy parking lots and sidewalks.  While the dedicated » » more

Staff Relations Seminars

Christine Hottel, Office of Staff Relations, will be conducting training on the University’s Parental Leave Policy. March 3, 2017  10am » » more

FSA Participants

Just a reminder – the flexible spending account carrier changed for 2017.   The new carrier is P&A Group.  You should » » more

UNUM Open enrollment

Open Enrollment February 1, 2017 – March 1, 2017. The effective date for the changes will be 04/01/2017. Features: The » » more

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Policy and HR Updates

Student Wages

Undergraduate students are employed in a variety of capacities at the University.  They must be paid at least the minimum » » more