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01/01/2015 Cost of Living Adjustment

The enclosed information pertains to the January 1, 2015 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that was approved by the Maryland Legislature last spring.


All active salaried employees (excluding contractual) within the following employment categories:

01-Tenured Faculty
02-Tenure Track Faculty
03-Faculty Non-Tenured Term Contract
04-Graduate Assistant
15-Faculty Non-Tenured Continuing Contract
20- Nonexempt Regular
33- Exempt Regular
37- Faculty Non-Regular-Non-Tenured

These employees must also have appointment start dates less than 1/1/2015 and appointment termination dates greater than 1/10/2015. If all of these conditions are met, the appointment record will have an automatic future salary change record, and pay adjustment, created by the PHR system.

* Effective Monday 1/5/2015 a future salary change record will be created and displayed on the PHR “Base Salary & Funding/ Future Salary Changes “. Each record will have an actual change date of 1/1/2015 and a pay period effective date of 1/11/2015 for all of the above referenced employee categories. Each referenced employee will receive a salary change in the amount of 2% of their current base salary.

* A Salary Change report will be made available by campus Payroll Services to detail each system generated salary change.

* Effective Wednesday January 7, 2015 the PHR system will create PHR pay adjustments for the above referenced employees. The pay adjustment will be for the period 1/1/2015-1/10/2015 and calculated as 10/14ths of the difference between the current pay period 14 biweekly salary and the new pay period 15 biweekly salary. If manual COLA increases are created and approved prior to 1/6/2015 they will also have a system generated pay adjustment created providing the “Actual Change Date” used is 1/1/2015. All “COLA” pay adjustments for pay period 14 will display through “PHR Pay Adjustment” and/or “PHR Pay Calculation” beginning Wednesday January 7, 2015.


To make changes to COLA salary adjustments:

* Delete the system generated COLA salary adjustment record by accessing the employee’s CURRENT PHR appointment and click “Salary and Base Salary Funding”. Next, scroll to the bottom and click “Future Salary Change”. Finally, click “Delete”. A new salary change can then be created from the current “Base Salary and Base Salary Funding” page using an “Actual Change Date” of 1/1/2015 and entering the modified base salary. Release and approve the transaction by Tuesday January 6, 2015. You can also delete future salary changes by accessing the PHR appointment record from the PHR “Process” menu on the PHR “Search” page and clicking “Delete Future Approved Changes”.

* COLA salary changes for contractual employees, (categories 22, 25, or 35), when applicable will require a manual change in the PHR system. These changes should have an “Actual Change Date” of 1/1/2015, a salary change reason of COLA, and be approved by Tuesday January 6, 2015. The PHR system will then create automatic pay adjustments for these transactions providing they are approved prior to 1/6/2015 and the actual change date is 1/1/2015.

Should you have any questions regarding these procedures please contact the PHR Service Center prior to making any changes in the PHR system. We can be reached at 301-405-7575.

Last updated: December 18, 2014